Belly Up Tavern profits donated to victims of Boston bombing May 08th, 2013


Belly Up Tavern profits donated to victims of Boston bombing

Thank you so much to everyone that came out to the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach!  What a great room, it was awesome to be able to share the new songs with you down south!!  

As mentioned before, I decided to donate all the profits from the show to a couple who each lost their left leg during the Boston bombings a few weeks ago.  Jessica and Patrick Downes are a newlywed couple, they were standing near the finish line when the bombs exploded.  Jessica and my wife were high school acquaintances, playing soccer together in Sacramento.  We were updated through mutual close friends the horrors of their experience.  This really hit close to home for us.  

Not only do I wish them a healthy recovery, but am also sending my love and support to all the victims, their families and friends.  It’s times like these that you realize we are not that different from each other, and in fact are not that separated either.  

Jessica, Patrick and many of the victims’ injuries will impact their lives forever, long after we finish hearing their stories in the media.  It’s unreal to think that tragedies like this happen all over the world.  Nearly every day.  At times it seems the groundswell of apathy is immutable.  But by helping this couple, even if just a little bit, I like to think it’s a drop of water in the tides of change.  

It’s all of your support that helped this couple in need.  Thank you so much!!!  




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