Miso T-Shirt/Design Challenge (Accepting Submissions Until October 1st) September 19th, 2012


Miso T-shirt/Design Challenge

Hey everyone!

This is Joy Lopez.  I’m a local fan of Kevin Miso, and have offered to help spread the word of his music to all and everyone I can.  We sat for lunch last week, and I’m officially taking the reigns over for what we’ve dubbed as:  Team Miso.  Because you expressed an interest in his music at one time, you are receiving this humble request.  This is the first step as a call to action to help build this artist into a household name.  It starts with you, it starts with us.  So here goes the step one:

Miso’s T-shirt/Logo Design Challenge

Team Miso is looking for ideas for t-shirt/hat and logo designs.  We need your help!!!

Kevin Miso Mailing List

How can you help?

Submit design(s) to be used as a t-shirt/hat or logo on any Kevin Miso merchandise.  All submissions should be original and reflect a Kevin Miso inspired graphic.  

What should be your inspiration?

Kevin Miso Mailing List

Surf. Music. Travel.  This seems to be the running theme throughout Miso’s music and while I don’t think it encapsulates his full vibe, it’s a start.  And yes the above masterpiece was all Kevin.  You can learn a little more on Kevin’s background by following this link: and checking out his bio.  Of course, listening to his music would be the best source of inspiration!  Let your instincts be your guide on this one.  Think simple.  

What do you get if your design is chosen?

Winners will of course receive a free t-shirt with their design as well as a signed copy of Kevin’s first full album to be released 2013.  Kevin will also quite possibly be wearing this design at his next show at The Coach House on October 28th (which will be filmed and recorded live)!  We will be sharing the winner (and links to your site, blog, twitter, etc) through all our social networks, and will also donate a portion of the profits from the first round of prints to your non-profit of choice!  

Where do you send your entry(ies)?

Email all submissions in .pdf format to:  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

How long do you have to enter the challenge?

In order to meet production cutoffs, the deadline for submissions is October 1st, so don’t wait!  Go ahead, get creative and let’s see what you’ve got!  Please forward this challenge to anyone you think might be interested in participating!

All questions related to the challenge should be directed to me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Finally, on behalf of Team Miso, thank you for your continued support!



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