From the recording Compass

Positive People
Written and Produced by Kevin Miso

Recorded at Record Plant (Los Angeles, CA)
House of Blues Studios (Encino, CA)
The Shed (Long Beach, CA)
Engineered by AJ Clark, Max Moon
Mixed by Neal Pogue
Mastered by Ian Sefchick at Capitol Records (Los Angeles, CA)

Drums - Jaydon Bean
Bass - Mike Bucher
Trombone - Paul Nowell
Trumpet - Niv Toar
Saxophone - Kyle O'Donnell
Hammond B3 - Steve Aguilar
Hammond B4 - John Alagia
Slide Guitar - Tom Freund
Piano, Guitars, Vocals - Kevin Miso


Positive People:

Positive People
I’m just looking for
Positive People

We’ve got so many distractions
Can’t keep our focus on the things that matter most, it’s like we’re always looking up
When our heads are barely above ground

We’ve got so many contraptions
Half the things we open have no way of being closed, it’s like we never have enough
When we know there’s more going round

Positive People
I’m just looking for
Positive People

What are we doing? What have we done here?
Where are we going? Where do we go from here?

Cause Hope is often Love, just in disguise from deep down
And Fear’s a foolish friend, telling you to turn back around

But when your Love feels always only ordinary, is when your love is always only temporary

One day we’ll take what we’ve found
Some way we’ll turn it around
Maybe we better be better before we have to choose
Or maybe we already have nothing left to lose

Positive People
I’m just looking for Positive People
Positive People